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Introduzione a Internet e al Commercio Elettronico è un progetto di documentazione libera, realizzato a favore della diffusione di Internet e del Commercio Elettronico, inteso nei suoi vari aspetti. Propone un percorso formativo, tramite la segnalazione di risorse gratuite della rete Internet.

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ISOC Perspectives on Domain Name System (DNS) Filtering


Filtering is not a solution - the real solution is international cooperation.

Internet Society

The Evolving Landscape of Internet Control

(PDF )

Berkman Center for Internet & Society

2011 Circumvention Tool Evaluation

(PDF )

Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Access Contested

edited by Ronald Deibert, John Palfrey, Rafal Rohozinski, and Jonathan Zittrain
MIT Press - International Development Research Centre

12 March - World Day Against Cyber Censorship



Tim Berners-Lee: "Democracy is now mainly happen in the net" we have to fight spying and filtering"

web If You Thought SOPA Was Bad, Just Wait Until You Meet ACTA

23 Jan. 2012 - Forbes

web Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. What is ACTA?

Electronic Frontier Foundation

web The SOPA Blackout Protest Makes History

19 Jan. 2012 -

web Internet Society Supports Actions to Raise Awareness of the Consequences of Proposed U.S. Legislation, SOPA

18 Jan. 2012 - Internet Society

web "Internet Censorship Affects Everybody": Rebecca MacKinnon on the Global Struggle for Online Freedom

17 Jan. 2012 - Democracy Now

web A New Challenge for Web Freedom

9 Jan. 2012 - The Wall Street Journal

web SOPA Is a Symbol of the Movie Industry's Failure to Innovate

6 Jan. 2012 - TheAtlantic

web Hackers plan space satellites to combat censorship

4 Jan. 2012 - BBC Technology

web Press Statement by the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus on Censorship (SOPA/PIPA/IGR)

web Global Civil Society Under Attack

3 Jan. 2012 -

web 2011 in Review: Developments in ACTA

27 Dic. 2011 - Electronic Frontier Foundation

web 2011 in Review: Fighting the Internet Blacklist Bills

23 Dec. 2011 - Electronic Frontier Foundation

web Hillary Clinton and Internet Freedom

9 Dec. 2011 - Salon

web 2011: Piracy Wars and Internet Censorship

31 Dec. 2011 - Torrentfreak

web Belarus: Browsing Foreign Websites a Misdemeanor

30 Dec. 2011 - Library of Congress

web Over 40 Internet Companies Come Out Publicly Against SOPA

22 Dec. 2011 - Techcrunch

web 2011 in Review: Fighting the Internet Blacklist Bills

23 Dec. 2011 - Electronic Frontier Foundation

web Don't Break the Internet

19 Dec. 2011 - Stanford Law Review

web An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the U.S. Congress

15 Dec. 2011 - Electronic Frontier Foundation

web Online Freedoms Threatened by another step towards treaty's adoption

15 Dec. 2011 - Reporters without Borders

web Netizen Report: Fight for the Future Edition

11 Dec. 2011 - GlobalVoicesAdvocacy

web Canadian Songwriters Want to Legalize File-Sharing

6 Dic. 2011 - TorrenFreak

web The New Digital Divide

3 Dec. 2011 - The NYT Sunday

web Copyright Infringement on the Internet: The existing legal framework is sufficient

30 Nov. 2011 - Swiss Confederation

web Judgement of the Court (Third Chamber) of 24 November 2011

Scarlet Extended SA v Societe Belge des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs SCRL (SABAM)

24 Nov. 2011 - InfoCuria - European Court of Justice

web The Internet isn’t just pipes; it’s a belief system

16 Nov. 2011 - GIGaom

web Stop the Great Firewall of America

15 Nov. 2011 - The NYT - The Opinions page

web The Copy Culture Survey: Infringement and Enforcement in the US

15 Nov. - The American Assembly - Columbia University

web Pirate Wi-Fi" On NYC's Subway Not Just For Hooking Up With Hot Strangers

14 Nov. 2011 - FastCompany

web The Coming Fascist Internet

13 Nov. 2011 - Lauren Vortex

web Biden, Cameron Hit out at Internet Censorship, Hacking

1 Nov. 2011 - PCWorld

web ACTA: Get Informed & Take Action!

28 Oct. 2011 - La Quadrature du Internet

web EU Politician Wants Internet Surveillance Built Into Every Operating Systemm from the they-just-haven't-thought-this-through dept

25 Oct. 2011 - techdirt

web Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

24 Oct. 2011 - NewScientist

video doc The Human Voice of Freedom, Notes from the Internet Freedom Fellows program

19 Oct. 2011 - The Daily Slice

(PDF )Casting a Wider Net - Lessons Learned in Delivering BBC Content on the Censored Internet

11 Oct. 2011 - Canada Centre for Global Security Studies / Munk School of Global Affairs / University of Toronto

video doc McLaughlin speaks on the expansion of the Internet and its risks

6 Oct. 2011 - Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law

web Stop the Internet Blacklist

27 Sep. 2011 - Huffingtonpost

web From Tehran to Tahrir: Social Media and Dynamics of Collective Action under Authoritarian Regimes

27 Sept. 2011 - Berkman Center for Internet & Society

web The Legality of Internet Blackouts in Times of Crisis: An Assessment at the Intersection of Human Rights Law, Humanitarian Law and Internet Governance Principles

26 Sept. 2011 - Matthias C. Kettemann, University of Graz, Austria

web Italy Proposes Draconian One-Strike Anti-Piracy Law

21 Sep. 2011 - TorrentFreak

web WikiLeaks and the protect-ip Act: A New Public-Private Threat to the Internet Commons

15 Sept. 2011 - Yochai Benkler

web Court: ISP Not Responsible When Subscribers Infringe Copyrights

8 Sep. 2011 - TorrentFreak

web Russian Minister: YouTube and Google Should Be Shut Down For Copyright Infringement

6 Sep. 2011 - TorrenFreak

web Explainer: net neutrality

5 Sep. 2011 - The Conversation

web International Bloggers and Internet Control

18 Aug. 2011 - Berkman Center for Internet & Society

web Riots lead to rethink of Internet freedom

13 Aug. 2011 - GlobalTimes

video doc Let's take back the Internet

Jul. 2011 - Rebecca MacKinnon

web Building a Subversive Grassroots Network

Jul. 2011 - ieee spectrum

web Google Helps Italians to Unblock Their Favorite Torrent Site

19 Jul. 2011 - TorrentFreak

web China: 1.3 million websites shut in 2010

13 Jul. 2011 - BBC News

web ISPs, Academics and Citizens Oppose EU Anti-Piracy Legislation

11 Jul. 2011 - TorrentFreak

web Poll: Should U.S. Companies Be Allowed to Sell Surveillance Tech to China?

5 Jul. 2011 - The Wall Street Journal

web Free Speech and the Internet

3 Jul. 2011 - The New York Times

web UNESCO Director-General calls on Syrian authorities to restore internet services to citizens and cease attacks against media

10 Jun. 2011 - UNESCO

web U.N. Report Declares Internet Access a Human Right

Jun. 2011 - WIRED

web NGOS Release Joint Statement to EG8 Leaders & Delegates

25 May 2011 -

web OSCE says Internet filtering, Press Law changes limit media freedom in Turkey

18 May 2011 - Information Policy

web What Do Dissidents Need Now From the Internet - Netfreedom, Growing Civic Activism, Repression 2.0

18 May 2011 - Robert Guerra at the U.S. Helsinki Commission

web Nepal: Constructive youth engagement through social media

17 May 2011 - Nepal Republic Media

web France attempts to "civilize" the Internet; Internet fights back

May 2011 - arstechnica

web Bob Dylan Blasts Claims That He Was Censored by Chinese Government

13 May 2011 - spinner

web US to spend $30m fighting internet censorship

12 May 2011 - the guardian

AV Fear of a Networked Fourth Estate

29 Apr. 2011 - MediaBerkman

web Right to roam

18 Apr. 2011 - Economist

web Stallman weighs pros and cons of digital inclusion

12 Apr. 2011 - The Stanford Daily

web West Censoring East: The Use of Western Technologies by Middle East Censors, 2010-2011

Mar. 2011 - OpenNet Initiative

web How China and Others Are Altering Web Traffic

24 Mar. 2011 - MIT technology review

web Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

17 Mar. 2011 - theguardian

web Recent Restrictions to the Internet in Bahrain

17 Mar. 2011 - Harvard's Law blog

AV Lessig & Zittrain Take On the Killswitch

16 Mar. 2011 - Media Berkman

web Berners-Lee warns ISPs on net neutrality

16 Mar. 2011 - theguardian

web Freedom and Anonimity: Keeping the Internet Open - Fear of cyberattacks should not lead us to destroy what makes the Internet special

24 Feb. 2011 - Scientific American - By Jonathan Zittrain

web An Object Lesson in Overblocking

17 Feb. 2011 - Center For Democracy & Technology

web Julian Assange speech at WikiLeaks Public Meeting in Melbourne

4 Feb. 2011 - SomeSeriousMatters

web OECD: Egyptian Internet Shutdown Could Cost Country $90M

3 Feb. 2011 - PCmag

web Can the Cloud be free?

3 Feb. 2011 - Larry Augustin - SugarCRM, Philippe Aigrin - Quadrature du Net

web Google and Twitter launch service enabling Egyptians to tweet by phone

1 Feb. 2011 - theguardian

(PDF )Internet Rights and Principles Coalition issues statement on Internet shutdown in Egypt

1 Feb. 2011 - Internet Rights & Principles Coalition

web Egypt Internet Shutdown Internet Society Q&A

29 Jan 2011 - Internet Society (ISOC)

web Spotlight Again Falls on Web Tools and Change

29 Jan 2011 -

web The Internet Society on Egypt’s Internet shutdown

28 Jan 2011 - On behalf of: Lynn St. Amour – ISOC President and CEO, and the Internet Society Board of Trustees

web Egypt Leaves the Internet

27 Jan. 2011 -

web The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom

6 Jan. 2011 - The Economist

web An Introduction to Net Neutrality: What It Is, What It Means for You, and What You Can Do About It

29 Dec. 2010 - LifeHAcker

web Why the Internet Is a Great Tool for Totalitarians

27 Dec. 2010 - WIRED


web Corruption Road - How Corporate Money and Astroturf Pollute Media Policy

web So you still think the Internet is free


web Freedom of the Press 2011 Survey Release

Freedom House

web Press Freedom Map


web Google Transparency Report

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