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Introduzione a Internet e al Commercio Elettronico è un progetto di documentazione libera, realizzato a favore della diffusione di Internet e del Commercio Elettronico, inteso nei suoi vari aspetti. Propone un percorso formativo, tramite la segnalazione di risorse gratuite della rete Internet.

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What Will The Internet Look Like In 10 Years?

Markus Kummer - Internet Governance Forum

Reg/Local Internet governance

web Poland: Netizens Protest Government's Plan To Sign ACTA Next Week

22 Jan. 2012 - GlobalVoices

web Internet Governance Issues

19 Jan. 2012 - I.O.Shchegolev, Minister of Telecommunication and Mass Communications of Russian Federation for Vestnik UNESCO

web Internet Society Supports Actions to Raise Awareness of the Consequences of Proposed U.S. Legislation, SOPA

18 Jan. 2012 - Internet Society

web Three trends on China’s internet in 2011

16 Jan. 2012 - China Media Project

web China's Internet users cross 500 million

16 Jan. 2012 - TechWorld

web Obama Administration Responds to We the People Petitions on SOPA and Online Piracy

14 Jan. 2012 - The White House Blog

web Busted: Google gets caught scraping Kenya’s biggest business listings database

13 Jan. 2012 - TNW

web The disruptive power of social media on US foreign policy

11 Jan. 2012 - memeburn

web Hackers Claim Indian Government Targeted U.S. Counterparts

11 Jan. 2012 - SecurityWeek

web Cuba pone en la mira a Twitter por los rumores sobre Fidel Castro

8 Jan. 2012 - El Mundo

web US government shows perfect understanding of Internet governance

4 Jan. 2012 - Stephane Van Gelder

web Politics and Social Media in Pakistan - The struggle for new power within an immature democracy!

1 Jan. 2012 - Fouad Bajwa blog

web Belarus: Browsing Foreign Websites a Misdemeanor

30 Dec. 2011 - Library of Congress

web The Internet And Latin America: The Rise Of The Virtual World And Emerging Cyber Security Issues – Analysis

25 Dec. 2011 - eurasia review

web Tunisia After Revolt Can Alter E-Mails With Big Brother Software

22 Dec. 2011 - Bloomberg Businessweek

web In Cuba, Dial-Up Internet Is A Luxury

14 Dec. 2011 -

web Controversial Turkish Internet Censorship Program Targets Evolution Sites

9 Dec. 2011 - Sciencemag

web Remarks of Assistant Secretary Strickling at the Practising Law Institute's 29th Annual Telecommunications Policy & Regulation Conference

8 Dec. 2011 - US National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA)

"Of course, I am not here to talk about the FCC but rather my agency, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and while none of our work will either require or lead to the end of the world, we are working on a host of compelling issues that will help shape the telecommunications and Internet landscape for years to come. Our work focuses on three principal areas—spectrum, Internet policy and broadband..."

web Turkmenistan: Internet Remains "Heavily Regulated" -- Human Rights Report

2 Dec. 2011 -

web Censorship and Control of the Internet and Other New Media: Briefing Paper by Human Rights Groups

28 Nov. 2011 - NewEurasia

web Brazil: Cybercrime Law Could Restrict Fundamental Rights, Internet Openness

9 Nov. 2011 - Center for Democracy & Technology

(Download) US Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap

Nov. 2011 - Vol. I Realease 1.0 (Draft) - National Institute of Standards and technology (NTIA)

(Download) The Use and Economic Impacts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Sudan

30 Oct. 2011 - Maastricht Economic and social Research institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT)

web UK Government ICT Strategy

27 Oct. 2011 - UK CabinetOffice

AV 1st Berlin Symposium on Internet & Society

25 Oct. 2011 - Institut für Internet & Gesellschaft

AV Finnish Internet Forum 2011 archived web cast

Internet Society Chapters

web Sweden to be best in the world at IT

Government Office of Sweden

web ICT for Everyone - A Digital Agenda for Sweden

6 Oct. 2011 - Regeringskansliet

web Belgian ISPs Ordered To Block The Pirate Bay

4 Oct. 2011 - TorrentFreak

(Download) Internet communites in Argentina and Brazil: origins, networks and institutional development

26 Sept. 2011 - Carolina Aguerre, Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires

web US blockade hurting Cuba’s telecommunications industry

22 Sept. 2011 - caribbean 360

web NIST Cloud Computing Program

Sep. 2011 - U.S. Department of Commerce

"The Cloud Computing model offers the promise of massive cost savings combined with increased IT agility. It is considered critical that government and industry begin adoption of this technology in response to difficult economic constraints. However, cloud computing technology challenges many traditional approaches to datacenter and enterprise application design and management. Cloud computing is currently being used; however, security, interoperability, and portability are cited as major barriers to broader adoption..."

web Another kind of poverty - The last continent without fast, easy and cheap internet access

27 Aug. 2011 - The Economist

web Belarus President orders controlled Internet access in educational institutions

19 Aug. 2011 - Belarusian Telegraph Agency

web Free laptops and internet connection for children in Uruguay

21 Jul. 2011 - European Journalist Centre

web Opening up government

web .pk State of the Pakistani #ccTLD Domain Report

14 Jul. 2011 - Fouad Bajwa comments on governance of the Internet

web Open government data to fuel Kenya's app economy

8 Jul. 2011 - O'Reilly radar

web French Government Plans to Extend Internet Censorship

21 Jun. 2011 - OpenNet Initiative

(Download) EU Digital Agenda Assembly

16-17 Jun. 2011 - European Union Report of Activity

web Fighting for Internet Freedom: Cyberspace and Civil Liberties in Russia

1 Jun. 2011 - The Heritage Foundation

web Iran Vows to Unplug Internet

28 May 2011 - The Wall Street Journal

web La Tunisie décrète le blocage des sites Web pornographiques

27 May 2011 -

web Syrian tanks roll into Homs as regime clamps down on 3G and web

9 May 2011 - theguardian

web State Department Goes on Cyber Offensive

5 May 2011 - Second Line of Defense

web China Creates New Agency for Patrolling the Internet

4 May 2011 - The New York Times

(Download) International Strategy for Cyberspace: Prosperity, Security and Openness in a Networked World

May 2011 - WhiteHouse

"The U.S. International Strategy for Cyberspace outlines our vision for the future of cyberspace, and sets an agenda for partnering with other nations and peoples to realize it..."

(Download) Ideas for Liberia’s Internet Ecosystem

May 2011 - Google

web España se prepara para dar el salto al protocolo IPv6

29 Apr. 2011 - ElMundo

web Peru: Comentarios a la aprobación del Proyecto de Ley que declara como derecho fundamental el acceso a internet, masifica la banda ancha y da autonomia a FITEL

28 Apr. 2011 - Lex Digitalis

AV Mark Zuckerberg Interviews President Obama at Facebook

20 Apr. 2011- Mashable Tech

web Ugandan Government Asks ISPs to Block Facebook, Twitter

18 Apr. 2011 - OpenNet Initiative

web Nigeria to license new telecoms to lower prices

14 Apr. 2011 - IT News Africa

web Open Standards law approved in Portugal

12 Apr. 2011 - ESOP - Associação de Empresas de Software Open Source Portuguesas

web Georgian woman cuts off web access to whole of Armenia

6 Apr. 2011 - theguardian

web EU and US agree trade-related information and communication technology principles to be promoted world-wide

4 Apr. 2011 - Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC)

web Average broadband speed is still less than half advertised speed

2 Mar. 2011 - Ofcom, Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries

web Germany's President Signs An Internet Bill Against His Own Government

24 Feb. 2011 - EDRI, European Digital Rights

web UK Government defines open standards as royalty free

14 Feb. 2011 - The H Open

web Cuba's Internet Capacity To Increase 3,000x

13 Feb. 2011 - ReadWriteWeb

(Download) Next Generation Users - The Internet in Britain

Oxford Internet Survey 2011 Report

web Estudio de hábitos y percepciones de los mexicanos sobre Internet y diversas tecnologías asociadas

World Internet Project Mexico

(Download) Digital Communication and Political Change in China

International Journal of Communication Vol. 5

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