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Introduzione a Internet e al Commercio Elettronico è un progetto di documentazione libera, realizzato a favore della diffusione di Internet e del Commercio Elettronico, inteso nei suoi vari aspetti. Propone un percorso formativo, tramite la segnalazione di risorse gratuite della rete Internet.

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John McCarthy: Artificial Intelligence

Female Android Geminoid F

Innovation Tech - The Future

IGF 2011 - Scott Bradner : "Ability to innovate without permission"

CITP - Robert Kahn: "ICANN is about the technology of the past. Innovation is more important than domain names"

web IBM creates one bit of memory with just 12 atoms

15 Jan. 2012 - theverge

web Google’s Cloud Robotics Could Threaten Jobs

8 Jan. 2012 - The FiscalTimes

web DoD approves first-ever Android devices

1 Jan. 2012 -

web The Internet: Triumph of human evolution

4 Dec. 2011 - Salon

web What 2012 will mean for the telecoms industry

23 Dec. 2011-

web The Benefits of Risk

22 Dec. 2011 - IEEE Spectrum

web Energy and Development Trends : The Role of Rapidly Emerging Countries

21 Dec. 2011 - ZUNIA

web The brave new world of digital innovation

8 Dec. 2011 - EurActiv

web The Internet Gets Physical

17 Dec. 2011 - The NYT Sunday Review

web High-energy physicists set record for network data transfer

13 Dec. 2011 - R&Dmag

web Technology Innovation Magazine Highlights the International Space Station

7 Dec. 2011 - NASA

web Bufferbloat: Dark Buffers in the Internet

29 Nov. 2011 - acmqueue

web Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality

22 Nov. - Scientific American

web Comprehensive List of All Singularity Summit Talks and Video Links

18 Nov. 2011 - Singularity Institute

web Study Released: ICT Interoperability and eInnovation

14 Nov. 2011 - Harvard Law and Information

web Father Of The Internet Says "Shoot The Patent Lawyer"

14 Nov. 2011 - Business Insider

web Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams

13 Nov. 2011 - The NYT

web IBM Open-Sources Potential "Internet of Things" Protocol

2 Nov. 2011 - ReadWriteWeb

web Japan’s K Computer Tops 10 Petaflop/s to Stay Atop TOP500 List

Nov. 2011 - TOP 500 Supercomputer sites

(pdf) THE 100-YEAR STARSHIP STUDY - Strategy Planning Workshop Synthesis & Discussions

Nov. 2011 - DARPA

web WORLD project final demo: the wireless mesh networking testbed @UniTN

19 Oct. 2011 - University of Trento

web ICT for Societal Challenges

11 Oct. 2011 - Europe's Information Society Thematic portal

web Posted from 32,000 Feet – InterPlaNetary Internet

21 Sep. 2011 - Analisa Roger

web Futurist: Modern companies to die!

21 Sept. 2011 - Alvin Toffler Interview - Russia Today

web When algorithms control the world

23 Aug. 2011 - BBC News

web Data mining 3.0 - from info to 'collective intelligence'

31 Jul. 2011 - CORDIS

web Panel on Internet Evolution ta IETF 81

24 Jul. 2011 - Internet Society

web Speed Matters: How Ethernet Went From 3 Mbps to 100 Gbps … and Beyond

16 Jul. 2011 - WIRED

web International Space Station - It's all about Partnerships

12 Jul. 2011 - NASA

web Information Needs of Communities

Jul. 2011 - Federal Communications Commission

web EU and Japan agree to strengthen cooperation in Future Internet research

20 Jun. 2011 - Europa Press releases RAPID

web First Graphene Integrated Circuit

Jun. 2011 - ieee spectrum

web Internet of Things: how it will change the world

25 May 2011 - TechRadar

web What is Cloud Computing?

22 May 2011 - Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory - MIT

web Cloud Standards Dominate Interop Discussion

13 May 2011 - CRN

web MIT control theory research: How to control complex networks

12 May 2011 - EurekAlert

web The new tech bubble

12 May 2011 - The Economist

web Marissa Mayer Reveals The Two Pillars Of Google's Local Strategy

5 May 2011 - TechCrunch Interview

web Internet matters: The Net’s sweeping impact on growth, jobs, and prosperity

May 2011 - McKinsey Global Institute

web Secretary Chu Announces $130 Million for Advanced Research Projects

20 Apr. 2011 - Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy

web Analysis: Content Peering and the Internet Economy

19 Apr. 2011 - Techzine

(pdf ) Inter‐X: Resilience of the Internet Interconnection Ecosystem

Apr. 2011 - European Network and information Security Agency (ENISA)

web Robot Replicants Gather With Their Originals In World’s Creepiest

6 Apr. 2011 - Singularity Hub

web Debut of the first practical “artificial leaf”

27 Mar. 2011 - American Chemical Society

web From the Digital Divide to Digital Excellence - Global best practices to aid development of municipal and community wireless networks in the United States

1 Feb. 2011 - Nea America Foundation

web The Future According to Schmidt: "Augmented Humanity," Integrated Into Google

25 Jan. 2011 - FastCompany

web Bitcoin - a Step Toward Censorship-Resistant Digital Currency

20 Jan. 2011 - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

(pdf ) Rebuilding the MOSAIC - Fostering Research in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences at the National Science Foundation in the Next Decade

Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Science, National Science Foundation

web Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems

Berkman Center for Internet & Society

web How The "Internet Of Things" Is Turning Cities Into Living Organisms


web Guide To Greener Electronics

web The Energy Revolution

National Science Foundation

web What Technology Wants. What Kevin Kelly Says. An interview with Kevin Kelly

19 Jan. 2011 - HPlusMagazine

web Premier Internet Standards Body Celebrates 25th Anniversary

16 Jan. 2011

"IETF participants define the standards for the global network that connects more than 2 billion people"

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