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Introduzione a Internet e al Commercio Elettronico è un progetto di documentazione libera, realizzato a favore della diffusione di Internet e del Commercio Elettronico, inteso nei suoi vari aspetti. Propone un percorso formativo, tramite la segnalazione di risorse gratuite della rete Internet.

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CoE Conf. "Our Internet - Our Rights, Our Freedoms"

Future of Internet Privacy - Jules Polonetsky


Privacy Policies: a Common Ethics Universal Campaign

web Report from the Internet Privacy Workshop

23 Jan. 2012 - Center For Democracy & Technology

web EFF Calls on Websites to Implement HTTPS As Part of Data Privacy Day

18 Jan. 2012 - Electronic Frontier Foundation

web Privacy rights activists worry about potential abuse of high-tech devices featured at CES event

11 Jan. 2012 - The Washington Post

web EDPS Inventory 2012 of legislative consultations: a challenging year ahead for data protection in the EU

10 Jan. 2012 - European Data Protection Supervisor

web The Future Of The Internet's Here. And It's Creepy

21 Dec. 2011 - FastCompany

web The Imminent Rise of Social Cloud Computing

14 Dec. 2011 - MIT technology review

web Face Recognition Technology Comes to Malls and Nightclubs

12 Dec. 2011 - TIME Techland

web Reputation under Regulation - The Fair Credit Reporting Act at 40 and Lessons for the Internet Privacy Debate

8 Dec. 2011 - CATO Institute

web Visualizing Everything Facebook Knows about You

8 Dec. 2011 -

web Seeing Is ID'ing: Facial Recognition & Privacy - CDT Comments in advance of the FTC's Workshop on Facial Recognition

6 Dec. - Center for Democracy & Technology

video doc Facebook IS Mass Surveillance

2 Dec. 2011 - Richard Stallman

web IETF Draft on Privacy Terminology Adopted

2 Dec. 2011 - Internet Architecture Board (IAB)

(pdf) Privacy on the Internet – what standards do we want?

24 Nov. 2011 - Council of Europe Strategy on Internet Governance 2012-2015

web At What Cost?: The Privacy Issues that Must Be Considered in a Digital World

21 Nov. 2011 - MIT TechTV

web Debate on privacy

20 Nov. 2011 -

web W3C Announces First Draft of Standard for Online Privacy

14 Nov. 2011 - World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

web Wherever You Go, Cameras Are Watching You

4 Nov. 2011 - Singularity web

web Governments turn to hacking techniques for surveillance of citizens

1 Nov. 2011 - theguardian

web No Privacy Without Net Neutrality

12 Oct. 2011 - La Quadrature du Net

web German government accused of spying on citizens with state-sponsored Trojan

8 Oct. - ZD Net

web Technological Telepathy? Scientists Scan Your Brain To Watch The Movies Playing In Your Mind

5 Oct. - Singularity Hub

web Upholding online anonymity in Internet governance: Affordances, ethical frameworks, and regulatory practices

26 Sep. 2011 - Robert Bodle, PhD, College of Mount St. Joseph, USA / GigaNet Sixth Annual Symposium, Nairobi

web 44% of companies track employees'social media use in AND out of the Office

17 Aug. 2011 - TheNextWeb

web Facebook Declines Invite to Teen Privacy Briefing

12 Aug 2011 - B&C Mobile

web Police use Flickr to identify London riot suspects

9 Aug. 2011 - TNW UK

web Internet Evolution: The War on Web Anonymity

7 Aug. 2011 - ABCNews

web Privacy at the 81st Meeting of the IETF

29 Jul. 2011 - Center for Democracy & Technlogy

web Testimony of Lawrence E. Strickling, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information NTIA - Hearing on Internet Privacy: The Views of the FTC, the FCC, and NTIA

14 Jul. 2011 - National Telecommunications and Information Administration U.S. Department of Commerce

web EPIC Files Complaint, Urges Investigation of Facebook's Facial Recognition Techniques

10 Jun. 2011- Electronic Privacy Information Center

web The Circuit: Facebook v. Google v. the Swiss, kids’ privacy

12 May 2011- Washington Post

web Apple and Google scolded by US politicians over mobile data

11 May 2011 - Guardian

web Cloud Computing and Privacy FAQ

18 Apr. 2011 - Canadian Privacy Law blog

web Privacy 'bill of rights' would regulate opt-in, opt-out

13 Apr. 2011 - CNN

web FBI spyware continuously trolls suspects' surfing

6 May 2011 - Nextgov

web Databuse: Digital Privacy and the Mosaic

1 Apr. 2011 - Brookings

web Julian Assange tells students that the web is the greatest spying machine ever

15 Mar. 2011 - theguardian

web Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You

15 Feb. 2011 - The New York Times

web The Internet and Our Right to Privacy

6 Feb. 2011 - CBS

web The Failure of Online Social Network Privacy Settings

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