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Introduzione a Internet e al Commercio Elettronico è un progetto di documentazione libera, realizzato a favore della diffusione di Internet e del Commercio Elettronico, inteso nei suoi vari aspetti. Propone un percorso formativo, tramite la segnalazione di risorse gratuite della rete Internet.

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President Obama on Cybersecurity

2012 Cyber Security Predictions - Websense Sec Labs

Cybersecurity - Security

IGF 11: "Scott Bradner: threat to Internet is rules with pretext of protecting people from the Internet"

web The Internet And Latin America: The Rise Of The Virtual World And Emerging Cyber Security Issues – Analysis

25 Dec. 2011 - eurasia review

web Significant Cyber Incidents Since 2006

20 Dec. 2011- Center for Strategic & International Studies

web Seven Significant Hacks of 2011

15 Dec. 2011 - SecurityWeek

web Should We Fire the First Shot in a Cyberwar?

14 Dec. - Technology Review

web Congress Authorizes Pentagon to Wage Internet War

14 Dec. 2011 - WIRED

web China-Based Hacking of 760 Companies Shows Cyber Cold War

14 Dec. 2011 - Bloomberg

web Proactive Detection of Network Security Incidents

7 Dec. 2011 - European Network and Information Security Agency

web Trustworthy Cyberspace: Strategic Plan for the Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Program

6 Dec. 2011 - Executive Office of the President of the United States, National Science and Technology Council

web The Spy Files #wikileaks Internet's spy map OWNIs

(pdf) Cybersecurity Workforce Development Matrix Resource Guide -

Oct. 2011 - USA Chief Information Officers Council

web Nuclear lessons for Cyber Security?

Air University / USA Air Force

web The UK Cyber Security Strategy

25 Nov. 2011 - CabinetOffice

web Encryption and Globalization

16 Nov. 2011 - Peter P. Swire, Moritz College of Law of the Ohio State University - Kenesa Ahmad

web Darpa Begs Hackers: Secure Our Networks, End ‘Season of Darkness’

7 Nov. 2011 - WIRED

web Hackers Wreak Havoc on Palestinian Internet Services

1 Nov. - TechNewsWorld

web US government urged to focus cybersecurity efforts on education

15 Aug. 2011 - ComputerwoldUK

web Your Security? Not Our Problem, Say Cloud Providers

10 May 2011 - ieee spectrum

web Curbing Chinese cyber espionage

9 May 2011 - CNN

web New Opportunities for Criminal Growth - Forecasting Cyber-Crime during the IPv6 Transition

27 Apr. 2011 - Internet Systems Consortium

web Threat Inflation in Cybersecurity Policy

26 April 2011 - The Technology Liberation Front

web Loving the Cyber Bomb? The Dangers of Threat Inflation in Cybersecurity Policy

26 Apr. 2011 - Mercatus Center, George Mason University

web Dramatic increase in cyberattacks on critical infrastructure

20 Apr. 2011 - Help Net Security

web Critical Information Infrastructure Protection ‘Achievements and next steps: towards global cyber-security’

31 Mar. 2011 - Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, The European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of Regions.

web Cyberspace is not a War Zone

16 Feb. 2011 - Center for Democracy & Technology

(pdf) Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk

14 Jan. 2011 - OECD

web 2011 Global Security Report


web Rise of a Cybered Westphalian Age

Chris C. Demchak, Peter Dombrowski

web Strategic Cybersecurity

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence Tallinn, Estonia (CCDCOE)

web Security and Resilience in Governmental Clouds

17 Jan. 2011 - European Network and information Security Agency (ENISA)

web Cyber Attacks Set to Increase

17 Jan. 2011 - The Wall Street Journal

(pdf) 2011 Report Cyber Crime Investigation

High Technology Crime Investigation Association

web Cyberspace is not a War Zone

16 Feb. 2011 - Center For Democracy & Technology

web Cyber War? Jonathan Zittrain Weighs In

11 Feb. 2011 - The Atlantic

web It Can’t Happen Here? Why A Full-Scale American Internet Blackout is Unlikely

9 Feb. 2011 - Center For Democracy & Technology

web Cloud Computing & U.S. Security & Privacy Policy?

18 Jan. 2011 - State of the Net Conference 2011

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